Our clients return time
and time again

Our willingness to ‘push the boundaries’ often convinces clients to return to us for advice on a range of corporate strategy and finance matters.

Our clients return time
and time again

Our willingness to ‘push the boundaries’ often convinces clients to return to us for advice on a range of corporate strategy and finance matters.

We are extremely proud of the fantastic work and success the team at XR Games continues to achieve. This latest investment will enable XR Games to continue to bring new innovations to the AR/VR sector over the next few years. The Park Place team were instrumental in ordering and managing a range of complex issues that were critical to the success of this fund raise. Their clear thinking and impartial advice was respected by, and invaluable to, all parties.

Bobby Thandi, CEO
XR Games

Having worked with Ben and the Park Place team on our MBO in 2018 we had no hesitation in appointing them to advise the shareholders on a sale of the business. Park Place’s advice and guidance during the whole process was invaluable. They delivered what they promised: a very personal, partner-led service and a great outcome for the company and its shareholders. I would certainly recommend them to other owner managers in a similar position to us.

Andy Crossley, CEO
Acumen Waste Services

Park Place guided the Carousel management team and helped facilitate a highly complex transaction involving two competing businesses in different geographies being acquired simultaneously by a European fund.  This is the third business in which I have sought Park Place’s experience and input which has always proved invaluable.

Jonathan Simpson-Dent, CEO

Park Place have worked alongside us from the inception of our management incentive plan all the way through to a very successful realisation several years later, together with the negotiation of a new scheme with the incoming investor.

The diligence, patience, clarity and expertise they brought to the process was unparalleled and instrumental in securing a great outcome for the whole management team. We always had the sense that Park Place were firmly on our side but also able to tread a fine balance in negotiating with our shareholders.

I look forward to working with Tim and Ian in the future and a similarly successful outcome for our next plan!

Andrew Cannon, CEO
Voyage Care

I thank the Park Place team for their patience, insight, and relentless attention to detail. With their support and help, we achieved an excellent result for the shareholders and the deal pairs Neo with an organisation with whom we look forward to building on past successes and developing a market leading status in the provision of essential fire safety solutions.

Alistair Hodgson, Managing Director
Neo Property Solutions

From initial conversations on sector valuation metrics through to final price negotiations, Park Place demonstrated an ability to focus on the things that mattered to the shareholders with consistently well supported insight and viewpoints.

Sarah Turvey, Shareholder
Sandringham Financial Partners

We have worked with Tim and Ian over a considerable number of years, and they truly understand us and our business model. They have been invaluable in the process and were pivotal in helping us secure the right funding partner and structure for our new venture. We look forward to continuing to work with them on our new journey.

Graham Rogers, CEO
Caledonian Leisure Group

During the entire process, the decision to engage with Park Place proved a masterstroke and both Ben and Richard excelled in their respective roles. They co-ordinated the sale process with extreme professionalism and diligence. Despite a number of significant hurdles to overcome they both steered the process along giving the Board the confidence and indeed advice on how to get the sale over the line. Highly recommended.

Simon Barton, Shareholder & Retiring Managing Director

Park Place have assisted me over a number of years leading up to the deal with Bunzl. They provided me with honest, clear advice regarding my options including when the time was right to pursue my preferred option. Considering the global pandemic and unprecedented challenges facing the business, Park Place skilfully managed a dynamic situation in order to deliver the deal.

Tim Lockett, Founder & Principal Shareholder
Deliver Net

Appointing Park Place to help us navigate a complex, high-pressure process in a short timescale was invaluable. We had a range of investors offering differing structures and approaches to evaluate. Their extensive experience and commercial understanding of the art of the possible ensured the best possible terms were delivered. The management team were impressed that the terms achieved properly reflected the size of their investment and the contribution they will make to the future growth at Adler & Allan.

Bob Conteras, Executive Chairman
Adler & Allan

Having worked with Park Place at my previous businesses, I was quick to seek their input and advice on various strategic matters over my years at InXpress, ultimately leading up to this transaction. Park Place have provided invaluable expert insight and trusted advice to balance the objectives of our global shareholder base, the ongoing management team and Hudson Hill.

Mark Taylor, Global CEO

Ben and his team were invaluable during our recent MBO deal. Their knowledge and expertise enabled a smooth sales negotiation process; and an almost seamless change of control transaction. They are very approachable and gave advice in laymen’s terms, which made the process actually quite enjoyable! I would absolutely recommend Park Place to other businesses considering a change in ownership.

Julia Robinson, Director
Robinson Contract Services

Having completed our first acquisition just five months ago, Assisi’s rapid growth trajectory is on track to deliver on our ambitious strategy to become a leader in the European pet care sector. This transformational deal has created a £35m turnover business which is well-placed to offer a huge array of products to the rapidly expanding pet care market.

Peter Mangion, CEO
Assisi Pet Care (Hollings)

Over a number of years Park Place has worked closely with Arena’s shareholders to fully understand our objectives on both a corporate and personal level. Their guidance and close support along the journey has helped us achieve an excellent outcome. Their independent and objective advice instilled confidence throughout all of the transactions we have completed and ensured that we feel like we made the right decisions for us and the business.

Adrian Fitzpatrick, CEO & Founder
Arena Group

On behalf of the entire board of directors at Redline I would like that thank both Tim and Ian from Park Place for their professionalism, support and dedication throughout the process. They helped ensure that Redlines intrinsic value was appropriately presented such that the purchaser clearly understood the significant investment that had been made in the business and how this was driving its future potential. The timetable for the transaction was extremely taut but Park Place worked tirelessly, often around the clock, to deliver a successful conclusion for all shareholders.

Paul Mason, Founder & CEO
Redline Worldwide

Thank you so much for your excellent support throughout this project. We were very lucky to have you with us, your guidance has been most valuable.

Kenzo Watari, CEO
Cornes and Company

We are thankful to Park Place for their help and guidance in getting us through a tricky situation with sound advice and common sense – Park Place’s counsel and assistance was invaluable during what was at times a difficult process. We can now move forward under new ownership and I hope that we can work together in the future.

Steve Andrews, Chief Financial Officer
TSP Projects Limited

With the team having little prior experience on buyouts and private equity structures it was important to have Park Place by our sides to provide context and insight on the transaction whilst negotiating terms on behalf of the team. Their experience and straight-talking approach ensured we quickly understood what was and wasn’t pertinent which allowed us to properly fulfil our central role within the transaction.

Andrew Mills, Managing Director
Servelec Controls

Park Place ensured that our buy-out was structured in a way that worked for the retiring, ongoing and new shareholders alike. They provided great support and advice along the way and it was a pleasure working with Ben and Tom. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Park Place and I am sure we will work with them again in the future.

Kris Sutton, Finance Director
Acumen Waste Services

Whilst we were initially cautious on introducing an additional advisor to the transaction, as the process developed it became increasingly apparent that an experienced advisor focussed on representing the interests of the management team was absolutely necessary. Park Place used their experience to help facilitate the transaction by reaching agreement with our new investor on several critical matters.

Neil Tilsley, CEO
Technical Fire Safety Group

Having never been involved in a management buy-out before it was important that we had an advisor with lots of experience of these situations. Park Place not only explained, in simple terms, the complexities of the deal structure, but they also provided clear benchmarks that gave us confidence that the offers we received from the private equity houses were favourable against market norms.

Kelly Bedding, Finance Director
VJ Technology

Park Place were engaged to ensure that the management team’s objectives were clearly presented to Alinda. Park Place then used their knowledge and experience of such roles to negotiate attractive terms to align our objectives with those of Alinda.

John Wood, CEO
Kelling Group

Operating within the confines of the sale process, Park Place played a crucial role in representing the management team in the MBO by ensuring our interests were properly understood and incorporated by the principals on both sides of the transaction. Both on the MBO and subsequent acquisition it was a great comfort to have them alongside us during some challenging negotiations and the team are delighted with the outcome.

Peter Mangion, CEO

Park Place’s dogged determination and considered approach was instrumental in achieving a strong result for management in a one-on-one negotiation with our new funder. Their independence and familiarity with such situations proved vital in addressing wide-ranging issues with experienced counterparties.

Di Walker, CEO
Karro Food Group

Park Place’s advice and support throughout the process was invaluable. It has been a very busy period for the business and Park Place’s experience ensured that the inevitable distraction of the sale process was minimized whenever possible. We are delighted with the outcome and grateful for all of Park Place’s help.

David Johnson, Founder & Chairman

Park Place have delivered another fantastic result. They have done this on every occasion we have worked with them over the last ten years. Given their commitment to providing truly independent advice, deep knowledge, and technical expertise they were the only team we could really trust to support us. At each stage they have understood our objectives and priorities and worked with great commitment, finesse, and sensitivity to ensure these were delivered.

David Brennan, CEO
Nexus Vehicle Rental

Park Place led the negotiation process with William Lamb to agree the principal terms of the transaction and then manage the transaction to completion whilst minimising disruption to the business.

Mark Hillson, Principal Shareholder
Trade Mark Collections

Selling our business was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Park Place guided us through the process and by understanding our objectives from the outset skilfully ensured that they were met in the delivered deal.

Sue Morris, Founder
Safety Management & Monitoring Services Ltd

Park Place skilfully managed the sales process. They delivered a great result which took account of not only the financial aspects of the deal but also a range of sensitive commercial and personal objectives.

John Rogers, Managing Director
International Safety Products

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