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Lilley & Gillie Limited

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Lilley & Gillie

Lilley & Gillie Limited (trading as JLG Marine), is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of magnetic nautical compasses. Its origins date back over 200 years, having been founded by John Lilley in 1812. Over that time it has developed a strong portfolio of nautical navigational aids, including, magnetic compasses, electronic navigational systems (ECDIS), wind, speed and directional systems.

Lilley & Gillie, with its headquarters in North Shields and further operations in Birmingham and Singapore, sells its equipment worldwide to over 50 countries predominantly to large tanker and commercial shipping fleets.

Park Place Corporate Finance acted as Lead Advisor to the current owners, Harrison Maritime Industries Limited, on the 100% disposal of the business to Zoellner Holding Gmbh, based in Kiel, Germany.


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