An unprecedented two years

It was business as usual then, in the blink of an eye, COVID-19 struck and lockdown measures were introduced that led to a global shutdown in markets, global trade and deals.

After unprecedented monetary and fiscal intervention from central banks and governments worldwide, and gradual adaption to pandemic working practices, we started to see confidence returning and deal making start to resume. In the final three months of 2020 Park Place advised on over £290m of deals across six transactions, with three of the businesses being acquired by international buyers.

Our transactional success in the final quarter of 2020 was great, but it was the non-transactional work we did during the depths of the pandemic that demonstrates the value of advice we provide.

Our commitment to providing outcome independent, trustworthy strategic advice, has always ensured a demand for our services whether times are good or bad. We are problem solvers and during the pandemic, our clients weren’t short of them! Testing years like this can cause extreme stress and make decision making more challenging, and we were privileged to be able to support and strengthen relationships with our network of clients through the provision of candid, constructive advice. We acted as a sounding board for a variety of complex issues surrounding working capital management, funding structures, supply chain issues and general management issues to name just a few. 2020 reinforced that strategic advice is what we do, regardless of whether there is a transaction or not.

By 2021 we were getting good visibility of how our client’s trading had been throughout the pandemic. We had huge beneficiaries such as Bartoline, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of decorating sundries who had benefitted from the transition to remote working and the subsequent DIY home improvement boom. On the other end of the spectrum, we had Caledonia Leisure, a newly formed staycation leisure business focused on coach and self-drive holidays in the UK and Europe who were looking to raise equity funding. With such little visibility on how COVID-19 rules would impact holidays and coach travel, it was a real achievement to have completed the deal. We found an investor in Mobeus who, despite the ongoing COVID-19 challenges, bought into the long-term investment opportunity and managements vision for the business. Having achieved their first year plan, management are now putting in place initiatives to fuel further ambitious growth over the next couple of years. We have been involved in two deals in the Wealth Management and IFA sector which is proving to be a very buoyant sector given the market boom, recurring revenue it provides, the scalability of business models and the potential for synergies with asset management and other ancillary services.

Set out below are details of a selection of the deals we have been involved in over the last two years:

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