Helping you establish, clarify and achieve your business ambitions

Truly independent and impartial advice not only puts your interests first; it also creates tangible value for you.

Helping you establish, clarify and achieve your business ambitions

Truly independent and impartial advice not only puts your interests first; it also creates tangible value for you.

We’re personal

At Park Place working with a client is a very personal experience. For you it’s having direct access at all times to the wealth of experience at Park Place. For us, it means we gain huge personal satisfaction for a job well done. Exceptional client feedback is essential to our long term growth and reputation simply because well served clients become advocates for the firm. Indeed almost all of our engagements result from recommendations from people who we have worked with before.

We’re independent

Being truly independent and impartial is something many advisors claim but fail to live up to. For us, it is a core belief. At Park Place, your interests ultimately outweigh any others. We will never put ourselves in a position where our advice or recommendations is anything other than totally impartial. In fact, advising clients NOT to take, or delay taking, a particular course of action can be the most valuable guidance we can provide.

We’re experienced

To provide sound and actionable strategic advice, the advisor needs to have relevant experience. The advice also has to produce a better outcome than would have been the case without it. Our team has many years of relevant experience and knowledge which is pooled together for the benefit of you, the client.

We’re client-centric

We take our responsibilities to you very seriously. In many instances, our advice can heavily influence potentially life changing financial decisions, for individuals and businesses. That’s why we invest so much time in understanding our clients’ (and other stakeholders’) objectives. Those objectives are the foundation on which our advice or recommendations are formed.

We’re a trusted partner

We will establish a strong bond of trust between our team and the clients we advise. As a client, you place considerable faith in our experience, knowledge, technical abilities and ultimately, the guidance we give. For our advice to be appropriate and effective, we will clarify your objectives and understand the relevant context and details. To properly explore this background requires a mutually trusting relationship.

We add value

The success of an engagement is defined by the delivery of an overall better outcome, in real and measurable terms, than would otherwise be the case. We always deliver tangible value in every client project. A crucial element in achieving this is properly understanding what is important to each client in their particular situation and ensuring our engagement terms are aligned with those objectives.

What we offer

We provide management and shareholders with the highest quality of impartial and expert corporate finance advice to ensure that all parties realise their ambitions and the rewards they’ve worked for over the years.

Our clients return time and time again

Our commitment to putting our clients’ interests above all else, underpinned by our extensive experience, enables our clients to achieve their business and personal objectives.

What our clients say

We are thankful to Park Place for their help and guidance in getting us through a tricky situation with sound advice and common sense – Park Place’s counsel and assistance was invaluable during what was at times a difficult process. We can now move forward under new ownership and I hope that we can work together in the future.

Steve Andrews, Chief Financial Officer TSP Projects Limited

During the entire process, the decision to engage with Park Place proved a masterstroke and both Ben and Richard excelled in their respective roles. They co-ordinated the sale process with extreme professionalism and diligence. Despite a number of significant hurdles to overcome they both steered the process along giving the Board the confidence and indeed advice on how to get the sale over the line. Highly recommended.

Our team has a vast wealth of experience

Park Place can offer you a broad range of uniquely independent advice from a hugely experienced corporate finance team.

For the business:
We can advise on strategy, growth, capital acquisitions/MBI debt advisory, and reorganisation.
For shareholders:
We can advise on full or partial exit and equity release.
For management:
We can provide general advice, as well as advice on incentivisation and management buy-outs.

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